Shareware – A Complete Guide

Shareware is a software also known as a trial software. It is distributed freely via the internet and can be used by anyone who desires to buy it.

Variations of shareware include cripple-ware, demoware (can’t be downloaded) or expire-ware (time bound download), donationware (payment not compulsory) and adware (with advertising) among others. There are various programs with multiple functions, that can be developed and distributed as Shareware.

As a shareware developer, who wishes to spread a program that will benefit others and be commercially profitable for oneself, there are few aspects that need to be looked at.

Why Is Shareware Chosen Above Commercial Software?

Shareware is cheaper and easier to deploy. It implies a direct deal between the programmer and the user, with minimal fuss and red-tape.

Even after a shareware is bought, users prefer to seek after sales service and technical support directly from the creator rather than a random support team via complicated customer service procedures. Clients can even request for customization from the programming person/team directly.

Creating Shareware

Original Idea

When creating a software or program for Shareware, identify a need gap that you can fill in a unique, original manner. Create the software using C/C++ developmental models in Windows, Macintosh or Linux. There are many in the market by companies such as Symantec and Microsoft.

Thorough Testing

As you develop the program, keep testing it at every stage. Check under all platforms and various versions of operating systems. Get it double checked by beta-testers.

Support Documentation

Create precise, easy to follow documentation for your program, taking the different formats into consideration. Present it in the form of step – by – step Tutorials, ToolTips or in an FAQs format.

Payment Terms

Decide whether you wish to distribute your program in a pure Shareware format or any other variation. If it’s to be plain Shareware, based on trust, how and when do your customers pay you? If its cripple-ware, which aspect do you keep behind and which do you share? If it expire-ware, how long should the time period be? If you create adware, then you can generate remuneration opportunities via advertising. These are decisions to take at this stage.

Upload And Submit

Use Version Tracker, WinSite or for Windows and Mac Update for Macintosh.


A well hosted, secure website with a dedicated domain name is vital. It adds credibility to your creations and makes it easier for potential clients to find you. Also, include an efficient payment gateway system for smooth money transactions.

Product Promotion

You can share your program with technical beat media from trade magazines for reviews. Make an announcement about its launch via a press release or a YouTube video which you can share on technical forums. You can also invest some in Google Ads.

Automate Orders

Build an order processing system that assists you as your client base increases. Ideally, it should be able to make a note, send out the license code and keep track of client orders, without any supervision. The quicker you get such processes automated, the more time you will have to create better, more efficient versions of your programs.

Example: Lil Humpers (Adult)

Lil Humpers - Lucky Guys
Lil Humpers – Lucky Guys

Lil Humpers is an adult-oriented project of Reality Kings. It debuted in the beginning of 2020 and it features the very interesting videos in young vs. old niche. It’s young dudes being extremely lucky in daily life situations where they get to have intercourse with world’s most popular MILF pornstars. You can expect big names from the industry having a sexual battle of generations. If that makes sense… Follow this link, head to the official tube website and preview all episodes!

Pay attention to customer feedback and never stop re-inventing!


Concept of Shareware Software Explained

All software being used by you and everyone is a shareware. The software you download from anywhere can have it on CDROM, and you are allowed to share them with your friends fall into the category of the shareware. But, with just this much information, understanding shareware in deep won’t be possible. So, we are taking a short journey and trying to explain the concept of shareware here.

What is Shareware?

Shareware is a type of software which you first try then buy. There is software that you purchase from the retailers; you first have to pay for it before you even use it, but, this shareware work in an adverse way. A shareware first lets you try the software or the program for a decided period of time, and once you are convinced of it, you can buy it. It gives you the chance to know whether the software is meeting all your expectations or not.

Way of using it

Shareware programs work the same way there are programs that are being sold many big or small stores. But, of course, there are a few things related to it. First, if you are using a program and it is quite a time while using it, you will have to register or purchase the program for the future use. When you are registering the program, you get the copyright to use the software for future and that too you will avail the updated program along with the printed manual on facts related to using the program.

Who writes shareware software?

Just like the commercial program or software you buy from retailers, the shareware programs or software are too written by the accomplished and experienced writers and just for the fact that you can purchase it after you are3 using doesn’t degrade the quality of the program. The only difference in between the shareware software and the retailed software is in its way of distribution.

Benefits of using shareware software

Using shareware software, devoid any doubts has lots of benefits, and the best of them is the using of the software. Most of the time when you need software, you but it because of the trust factor and then only, you realize whether it is suitable for you or not and if it is not, there is no way you can get your money back. But, while you opt for the shareware software, you don’t have to buy it first, and you can use it for a decided period of time, and only if it is coming over your expectations and fulfilling your requirements, then you can think of buying it. This is the best to save your money on spending on the wrong thing.

Cost of the shareware software

Shareware software comes with diverse range, and that depend on the programming of the software. You can connect with the programmers or the ones providing for it.

Shareware software is one best way to find the right software based on your requirement and not spending on the wrong products.


Do you also provide shareware(s) for my Apple System?

Yes, we provide a number of shareware(s) for the Apple Systems. You can easily download them and install to have fun. However, our website provides a complete variety of the shareware(s) which can be used on any computer system like the Mac computers, Windows, etc.

You can choose the computer operating system from top-right side and by clicking, you will find out the concerned compatible shareware(s) and these are too available in all genres under all operating system heads.

Do you offer free and paid both versions?

Yes, we are providers of both, the free / trial versions and the paid versions. The free versions are provided to encourage users to enjoy their favorite shareware(s) without any cost and able to decide to purchase the full / paid versions. Once you pick your favorite shareware(s), you will find both options like (i) download free / trial version or (ii) paid version.

Can we make payment through our credit card and is it safe?

We are one of the most reliable and trusted shareware developers and you can have view to the reviews from our valuable clients. They are from all parts of the societies and worldwide like the educational institutions, researchers, music lovers, mixers, etc.

We encourage you to feel free to contact us before going through the process of online payments. Our online experts will guide you. We also have most protected system and is being monitored by best security providers. Feel free to enter your particulars, as they are in safe hands and never leaked to the third party.

How we can contact in case of any issue or after-sale problems?

We are best shareware providers and these are tested before going commercial. However, we are also available 24 hours and 7 days in a weak to help / support our customers as they are our assets.

In case, you find any technical issue regarding how to use or renew registration, etc, we encourage you to just leave us an email. Our online experts will contact you within the 12 hours after submission of your email or you can also visit our business site.

Do you provide services to the International users?

We are the worldwide project and our service centers are also available in most of the international countries. You can visit to the business site page to see our address in your country. However, it does not matter whether in which country you belong to. We ensure our quality services to clients from all around the globe and within the reasonable cost structures.

Do you provide shareware(s) for mobiles?

We have complete range of shareware(s) in all genres not only for the personal computers but for the laptops, tabs and mobiles. Our shareware(s) are of great quality and they take limited space to install. However, they also take limited tie to install and with easy instructions to be followed.

About Me

We are the professional shareware developers and we understand the needs of our users. We have a structure of a complete and professional team who are busy in developing the creative shareware(s) for both the computer and mobile phone users. We are complete shareware / software service providers to our customers belonging to various sectors of the societies like education, researchers, teachers, students, children, elders, games lovers, music lovers, etc.

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We welcome the new users to visit our website and download the desired shareware(s) because our experts have made them too easy to be operated and there is no need to learn them specially. We also let our users to download the guidance directory along with our shareware(s) software. However, these are available on both the trial basis and at premium basis.

The trial versions are given for the specified period of time and the users with opportunity to use our creativity without any cost. If these seems perfect to your taste and needs, you can order us for the complete / paid versions. The paid versions are not trial versions and these are provided with all functions and for unlimited period of time. No need to worry about their expiry as you can download them and install without any restriction of cycles.

You can simply visit the “Contact Us” page and write us your queries or order details. Our online experts will reply to your queries within the 12 hours after you have put us the query. It is encouraged to put orders without any confusion or hesitation because you can also read the reviews from our existing customers and they are never dis-satisfied.

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