Shareware – A Complete Guide

Shareware is a software also known as a trial software. It is distributed freely via the internet and can be used by anyone who desires to buy it.

Variations of shareware include cripple-ware, demoware (can’t be downloaded) or expire-ware (time bound download), donationware (payment not compulsory) and adware (with advertising) among others. There are various programs with multiple functions, that can be developed and distributed as Shareware.

As a shareware developer, who wishes to spread a program that will benefit others and be commercially profitable for oneself, there are few aspects that need to be looked at.

Why Is Shareware Chosen Above Commercial Software?

Shareware is cheaper and easier to deploy. It implies a direct deal between the programmer and the user, with minimal fuss and red-tape.

Even after a shareware is bought, users prefer to seek after sales service and technical support directly from the creator rather than a random support team via complicated customer service procedures. Clients can even request for customization from the programming person/team directly.

Creating Shareware

Original Idea

When creating a software or program for Shareware, identify a need gap that you can fill in a unique, original manner. Create the software using C/C++ developmental models in Windows, Macintosh or Linux. There are many in the market by companies such as Symantec and Microsoft.

Thorough Testing

As you develop the program, keep testing it at every stage. Check under all platforms and various versions of operating systems. Get it double checked by beta-testers.

Support Documentation

Create precise, easy to follow documentation for your program, taking the different formats into consideration. Present it in the form of step – by – step Tutorials, ToolTips or in an FAQs format.

Payment Terms

Decide whether you wish to distribute your program in a pure Shareware format or any other variation. If it’s to be plain Shareware, based on trust, how and when do your customers pay you? If its cripple-ware, which aspect do you keep behind and which do you share? If it expire-ware, how long should the time period be? If you create adware, then you can generate remuneration opportunities via advertising. These are decisions to take at this stage.

Upload And Submit

Use Version Tracker, WinSite or for Windows and Mac Update for Macintosh.


A well hosted, secure website with a dedicated domain name is vital. It adds credibility to your creations and makes it easier for potential clients to find you. Also, include an efficient payment gateway system for smooth money transactions.

Product Promotion

You can share your program with technical beat media from trade magazines for reviews. Make an announcement about its launch via a press release or a YouTube video which you can share on technical forums. You can also invest some in Google Ads.

Automate Orders

Build an order processing system that assists you as your client base increases. Ideally, it should be able to make a note, send out the license code and keep track of client orders, without any supervision. The quicker you get such processes automated, the more time you will have to create better, more efficient versions of your programs.

Example: Lil Humpers (Adult)

Lil Humpers - Lucky Guys
Lil Humpers – Lucky Guys

Lil Humpers is an adult-oriented project of Reality Kings. It debuted in the beginning of 2020 and it features the very interesting videos in young vs. old niche. It’s young dudes being extremely lucky in daily life situations where they get to have intercourse with world’s most popular MILF pornstars. You can expect big names from the industry having a sexual battle of generations. If that makes sense… Follow this link, head to the official tube website and preview all episodes!

Pay attention to customer feedback and never stop re-inventing!


Amazing Sharewares You Did Not Know About

We live and breathe software.

That is the one undeniable fact of life in the 21st century. Right from waking up in the morning to the tune of our alarm clock app to finally falling asleep with some sweet melody in the background, we cannot imagine one single day without using software.

And in today’s digital ecosystem you don’t always need to pay for an application to start using it. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best shareware that you probably did not know about.

Pure Taboo – Free Videos

Pure Taboo - LogoThis series is taking the Web by storm. Thanks to its controversial content it surely becomes a crowded place for all lovers of taboo subjects in our sex lives. This is what Pure Taboo focuses on and honestly they are doing awesome job. The latest technologies, world’s best actors and excellent story-writing. Mix these things together and you get a product that everybody wants to try. And it’s possible right now with free preview videos available on httpss://!

Wondershare YouTube Downloader

Well, Wondershare YouTube Downloader allows you to do just that.

Who among us has not trawled YouTube to find that one perfect video for our needs, and then wishing we could just download it for later?

Well, Wondershare YouTube Downloader allows you to do just that. The software automatically detects any YouTube video running and gives you the option of downloading it for later.

Also, you can paste the URL of multiple videos and download the same on your device.

WPS Office

With WPS Office, you get all the features of MS Office, no strings attached,

With WPS Office, you get all the features of MS Office, no strings attached. This suite of office software has its own version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, giving you all the functionalities, you need in your daily business.

It even has options for editing and viewing PDF files. The basic software is available for free, but you are given the option of purchasing the premium version if you feel the need.

With an intuitive design, smart features and easy to use interface, this is one shareware you won’t regret downloading.


Mailbird is an email client which is compatible with multiple versions of Windows.

Mailbird is an email client which is compatible with multiple versions of Windows.  It has an easily configurable interface and can sync with multiple email accounts.

Further, it allows you to open emails from multiple accounts in the same inbox window. The free version is restricted in the number of email accounts you can add but is still a decent use for most purposes.

If necessary, you always have the option to buy the Pro version.

Advanced System Care 11

This freemium optimization tool allows you to clean up your PC and boost its performance. With multiple features available in both the free and paid versions, you can download the one best suited to your requirement.

So, that’s our list of some amazing shareware you can download. Be sure to let us know of any software you would like to add to our list.

Trending Shareware Software And Why You Should Have It

Shareware is a type of software that is offered free of charge and promoted by way of sharing with each other. However, unlike freeware, all the features of the software are not given free and require a paid shareware license to get access. Most software which have a significant user base and a popularity, offer a shareware version for users and keep on sending periodical notifications to upgrade to a paid version. This is different from a trial version of a software as there is no time limit for the free usage.

Upcoming Freeware Release – Growl Boyz

Growl Boyz - Becoming Supernatural
Growl Boyz – Becoming Supernatural

The adult series dedicated to gay users is going in its final stages of development. Growl Boyz is all about ancient cult living in today’s society. Furry, masked guys having sex with each other in order to become supernatural. Can such magic happen these days? We are about to find out! Watch this name for some free footage!

Update: Not going to happen guys. Growl Boyz is being replaced by re-branded version of Mormon Boyz called Missionary Boys now. There is nothing to be angry about, though, because Missionary Boys shows the ultra real fantasy of missionary boys becoming corrupted homosexuals. Thanks to the secret cult called The Order and their depraving actions and procedures. Their place is where all Mormon gay boys go to explore level of their gayness.

Missionary Boys - Gay
Missionary Boys – Gay

Shareware are very popular among computer users as it gives them the opportunity to try the software out for a reasonable period of time without having to pay. This is also a great way for software companies to build awareness about the software and make it popular.

There are a number of recognizable shareware types depending on their functionality. These include; Freemium, Adware, Nagware, Demoware, and Donation ware.

Freemium is the typical shareware which behaves as the definition says. CCleaner and SEMrush are two popular freemium software out there in the market which offer significant benefits to their users for free. However, to get the best outcome of these software, you need to ultimately go for a paid subscription.

Adware or Advertising supported Software refers to free software that includes adverts to generate income for the developer. AltNet, Claria, and CoolWWW are the popular Adware that is in use at present. More often, malware detecting programs and antivirus programs categorize these adware as potentially unwanted software which is not true always.

Nagware is a term used to refer to software which literally annoys users to commit to a paid subscription. This is more of a colloquial term rather than a technical one. WinZip, Spotify, mIRC, and AVG are some popular nagware.

Demoware is another term used to refer to shareware, but these software are mainly aimed at testing rather than promoting the software itself.

Donation ware are software that are free, but require a donation from the user in order to unlock all the features.

These software are very useful for the average users who are starting out in their respective industries or fields and for individuals who are self-employed and running small businesses. At the early stages of most of these people’s journey, it is difficult for them to afford to commit for paid subscriptions. Therefore, shareware becomes the go to option to benefit from the features that the software offers until you become stable enough to afford them.

Shareware Software – Does It Exist?

Many people today are talking about shareware software. Specifically, they want to know if it exists. Obviously, it exists on one level. However, people are curious about just how common or popular it is. They are just as curious about whether or not they can expect the same benefits from this software that they would get from many of the other software types today. The value of these forms of software will always be debatable. However, it is clear that a lot of people are moving forward with embracing the possibilities of shareware software, for better of for worse.

State Of Free Stuff on Internet – 2018

Last years bring a pack of interesting facts about stuff on Internet. As you probably could notice, a lot of services become free or they have an equivalent of some kind of trial/free account with limitations. The era of 100% paid software is long gone, companies noticed, it’s easier to get clients by creating some kind of old-school shareware version (that’s called freeware these days!). This trend of free stuff has been evolving in last years in the adult industry. There is just millions of free adult videos and yet, nobody cares about that – the business is stronger than ever.

Bratty Sis Brand

You could notice that in the 2nd part of 2017, there was release of new adult brand called BrattySis. It features taboo sexual relations of family members (step-sisters & step-brothers to be precise). The business model of this website was simple. It was released with a bunch of free, around 10-minute long trailers from each of episodes, so people could notice what kind of quality the website offers. And guess what? Doing it made this website a real gem in the crown. You should check out its success here (100% free).

Types of Shareware Software

To a certain extent, shareware software is very similar to the sorts of free apps that people will purchase online and that will involve a bunch of different in-app purchases. That is to say, the initial software is free in the world of shareware software, but people will still end up paying more money down the line in order to use it more often than not. They might have to use more software than they would have expected just in order to actually execute the applications that they were expecting, and of course this software is going to cost them in a way that the initial shareware software did not.

There is also the fact that shareware software sometimes requires some download fees. This might be one of the ways in which the people involved will make money. The goal with shareware software is still more or less giving something to people for free in the hope that they are eventually going to buy the entire thing, and so people should not view shareware software as being any sort of a free software offering.

It is true that shareware software is a bargain in a lot of cases. People might be able to use some shareware software in its entirety for a brief period of time, for instance. In this way, shareware software has a lot in common with the sorts of commercial deals that will give people the chance to use a particular product for thirty days or so as part of a trial offer. This is the sort of thing that will entice some people to go through with the purchase. In the case of shareware software, it seems to happen often enough that a lot of people are interested in it today.

Overall, shareware software forms a broad category. In some cases, it involves getting partial software for free and paying for the rest. In other cases, it involves getting software for a brief trial period. In other cases, it involves download fees on an otherwise nearly free form of software. It’s a broad field.


People are making money with shareware software, and it is clear that it’s a broad enough field to have a number of different subcategories. However, it is still a relatively new field. Many people are interested in finding a way to market software to the people who want bargains at all times. If nothing else, shareware software tends to offer a bargain.

This Is Why Freeware Stuff Works – Tiny4K.Club Case

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The quality and detail of the 4K videos make a site worth visiting and the girls make it entertaining but don’t expect any academy awards to come from the movies… Well, that’s not the point of the website, right? 🙂

Amazing Examples of Shareware You Didn’t Know Before

The present world is too much inclined towards the technology, and today, there is apps and software to do every sort of task. The software and programs have eased our ways to a great extent. Those who have designed the software and programs sell their efforts, and you have to purchase it, but there are atime when you spend on the wrong software, and there is no way you can get you money back except if you are using shareware software.

What is Shareware?

Shareware software is like any other software you purchase from any shop or retailer, but it comes with one difference. You can first use the shareware software for a certain period of time and one you are convinced with the software and thinks that it would be suitable for your requirement, you can go and purchase it from the ones selling it to get the copyright and other essential services.

Today, programmers are writing programs for shareware software after witnessing its popularity on a great level, and presently, there is much shareware software available in the market. There are chances that many of this software will be the ones you are looking for, but perhaps you are of aware of their existence. So, here we are sharing a few of amazing examples of shareware software you didn’t know about before.


WinZip is one of the best examples of shareware software that is compression software. It helps one managing, zipping, protecting and sharing files on one platform. It supports all the major platforms and compressed files in a smaller size suitable for your requirement. It further helps in baking encryption, helps to access files on PCs, different networks, and on Cloud.

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus

Spyware doctor with antivirus is software designed for people to provide the best protecting performance tools for you PCs and comes at a simple, effective and affordable price. It sets one of the best shareware software developed till date.

DVD-Cloner VI

DVD-Cloner VI is another very good example of the shareware software is one of the best and trustworthy platforms of DVD/Blu-Ray copying software. It is developed with such cutting-edge technologies that make the copying of the DVD/Blue-ray much simpler and effective. The easy but powerful features of the DVD-Cloner VI make it the best software to copy software, songs, movies and other files.

Wondershare YouTube Downloader

Wondershare YouTube Downloader is an extremely popular shareware software, and it does exactly the name suggests. The software automatically perceives any video is playing on YouTube while you are surfing the site on any browser. It gives you the option of downloading the video or copy or paste the URLs to play the multiple videos when you are offline.

These are very few examples of the shareware software, and there are plenty trending on the internet that might come to your use. So, you just need to explore the software, and there is the majority of chances that you will find it.

Girls World, Freeware Review Of

Many viewers of adult rated videos always want to feel part of the entertainment- and that is exactly what PrincessCum offers. The site features sexy 18+ years models who like to be dominated when having sex. But above all, what matters most is the guy to conclude everything by deeply cumming into them. For them, sex is like a game which has to be played by keenly following all the rules of the game. If the man is not up to it, they possess all the tricks of making him to rediscover his sexual emotions.

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The Bottom line

As a free video site, PrincessCum will satisfy the needs of all porn lovers. The site promises unlimited downloads and streams of its videos to its members, as well as a regular update of its content. From what I have watched on the site so far, Its HD videos are worth every coin you can opt to spend on the site.

Concept of Shareware Software Explained

All software being used by you and everyone is a shareware. The software you download from anywhere can have it on CDROM, and you are allowed to share them with your friends fall into the category of the shareware. But, with just this much information, understanding shareware in deep won’t be possible. So, we are taking a short journey and trying to explain the concept of shareware here.

What is Shareware?

Shareware is a type of software which you first try then buy. There is software that you purchase from the retailers; you first have to pay for it before you even use it, but, this shareware work in an adverse way. A shareware first lets you try the software or the program for a decided period of time, and once you are convinced of it, you can buy it. It gives you the chance to know whether the software is meeting all your expectations or not.

Way of using it

Shareware programs work the same way there are programs that are being sold many big or small stores. But, of course, there are a few things related to it. First, if you are using a program and it is quite a time while using it, you will have to register or purchase the program for the future use. When you are registering the program, you get the copyright to use the software for future and that too you will avail the updated program along with the printed manual on facts related to using the program.

Who writes shareware software?

Just like the commercial program or software you buy from retailers, the shareware programs or software are too written by the accomplished and experienced writers and just for the fact that you can purchase it after you are3 using doesn’t degrade the quality of the program. The only difference in between the shareware software and the retailed software is in its way of distribution.

Benefits of using shareware software

Using shareware software, devoid any doubts has lots of benefits, and the best of them is the using of the software. Most of the time when you need software, you but it because of the trust factor and then only, you realize whether it is suitable for you or not and if it is not, there is no way you can get your money back. But, while you opt for the shareware software, you don’t have to buy it first, and you can use it for a decided period of time, and only if it is coming over your expectations and fulfilling your requirements, then you can think of buying it. This is the best to save your money on spending on the wrong thing.

Cost of the shareware software

Shareware software comes with diverse range, and that depend on the programming of the software. You can connect with the programmers or the ones providing for it.

Shareware software is one best way to find the right software based on your requirement and not spending on the wrong products.

Freeware! A Driving School With an Interesting Graduating Class

We review the freeware videos of website called Fake Instructor – the place where all the students are going to pass the exam of driving, physically.

People typically are not even going to notice the other people in their driving school classrooms. They are just interested in getting out of there as quickly as possible. Driving school is tough and boring for a lot of people. In the case of people who are there following a traffic violation, driving school is just an annoying obstacle. In the case of the people who are getting their licenses for the first time, driving school is just another class to get through quickly. The students are usually just the proverbial extras in the scene.

With the Fake Driving School, the focus is on the students and the teachers. The students do not fade into the background here. In something like this, it is all about the students and their performance. However, their performance is not an academic one. People are specifically interested in whether the students can properly engage with them in the context of this erotica website.

A Different Way of Looking at Things

This is getting the license, the fastest way possible. Not always according to the rules! 😉
It’s episode of FakeDrivingSchool with Stella Cox

The Fake Driving School has no resemblance to the real deal, of course. Moral problems aside, people never even really see what is going on with the other students in driving school. They might see their fellow students in their classrooms, of course. They might occasionally listen to some of their other students answer questions in class, which is rarely erotic, unless people are really turned on by displays of intelligence.

However, watching other people in the car with the teachers is different. People never really get the opportunity to do this. Whatever it is that goes on behind the closed car doors with the teachers is the business of the teachers and the students. Obviously, for the most part, the students are getting the same driving lessons as everyone else and if people could watch from a distance, they would be bored.

Seducing the instructors, all the time, so it seems!

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A New Glimpse

People who would never spy on anyone can feel as if they have done so without consequences in the context of a fictional erotica setting like a Fake Driving School. They can imagine that there is a secret world of erotica right outside of their window, even if they never would have imagined that it was in place previously. Something as innocent as driving school can take on a whole new meaning in the context of porn and erotica here, and that is part of the appeal of a Fake Driving School for so many people.

History of the Shareware and their Current Usage on Computers and Mobiles

The two men invented the shareware for the first time in history i.e. Mr. Jim Button and Mr. Andrew Fluegleman. Their master-pieces are “PC-File” and “PC-Talk”, respectively and it was done during the early 1980s when the computers were just gone commercial and smaller in size as compared to the previous larger models consuming a complete portion of a house to be fit-in. However, these two authors also invented the first method to share the shareware to other users; however, they conditionalized this procedure with the payment of $20 USD for each transfer / share transaction. It also brought them huge money so that they had enough money to develop larger software(s).

Later, the Andrew Flugeman had trademarked his invention into “Freeware” and this word could not be used by other manufacturers or users. Therefore, many local magazines also took part to find out new names for these software, which was then termed as “shareware”. Though, this term was being used by another software developer, “Bob Wallace”, but fortunately, it was not trademarked. Therefore, this term is being used since then and got huge popularity throughout the world. Mr. Bob Wallace created his shareware “PC-Write”.

The two authors, Jim Button and Bob Wallace, made huge progress and successful development of a high quality business shareware but the Andrew Fluegleman had made a major mistake that he sold out the source code to other users as well. This was his huge mistake and soon there were larger edited / altered shareware in the market. He lost control over his creativity and other people produced even more improved shareware. Besides this fact, he shall be known as “father” of shareware industry.

Sources of Shareware:

Today we see thousands of shareware and these are available on hundreds of online websites. These may be available on free trial basis or paid basis. The free trial is to ensure you liked the software and now you are ready tp purchase the paid version. The free trial versions are for limited period of time usage policy and do not show full functions. When you are satisfied that it is going to cover your needs, you can place the paid order. You can also find them in bulk from the nearby CD house or IT centers.


Free Trial & Paid Versions:

The shareware are available on paid and free trial basis for comfort of the users. The paid versions will allow them to use them with full options and in more quality manner.

Little Space for Installation:

The shareware take very little space in your Hard Disk or mobile card / memory. Therefore, these are easy to be installed.

Easy to Install:

The instructions are also provided (built-in), so that users will learn their usage in a very little time.

Get Modified Shareware:

Once you are satisfied with the trial version, you can purchase it for full version. If not satisfied or require some modifications according to your needs, you have option to contact that concerned firm. They will bring you the modified shareware against some reasonable “shareware development” charges. The delivery charges may be separate from the development charges.

Usable for PCs and Mobiles:

You can use them on your all operating systems in your PCs and even Mobiles. So make your systems more fun.