Amazing Sharewares You Did Not Know About

We live and breathe software.

That is the one undeniable fact of life in the 21st century. Right from waking up in the morning to the tune of our alarm clock app to finally falling asleep with some sweet melody in the background, we cannot imagine one single day without using software.

And in today’s digital ecosystem you don’t always need to pay for an application to start using it. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best shareware that you probably did not know about.

Pure Taboo – Free Videos

Pure Taboo - LogoThis series is taking the Web by storm. Thanks to its controversial content it surely becomes a crowded place for all lovers of taboo subjects in our sex lives. This is what Pure Taboo focuses on and honestly they are doing awesome job. The latest technologies, world’s best actors and excellent story-writing. Mix these things together and you get a product that everybody wants to try. And it’s possible right now with free preview videos available on httpss://!

Wondershare YouTube Downloader

Well, Wondershare YouTube Downloader allows you to do just that.

Who among us has not trawled YouTube to find that one perfect video for our needs, and then wishing we could just download it for later?

Well, Wondershare YouTube Downloader allows you to do just that. The software automatically detects any YouTube video running and gives you the option of downloading it for later.

Also, you can paste the URL of multiple videos and download the same on your device.

WPS Office

With WPS Office, you get all the features of MS Office, no strings attached,

With WPS Office, you get all the features of MS Office, no strings attached. This suite of office software has its own version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, giving you all the functionalities, you need in your daily business.

It even has options for editing and viewing PDF files. The basic software is available for free, but you are given the option of purchasing the premium version if you feel the need.

With an intuitive design, smart features and easy to use interface, this is one shareware you won’t regret downloading.


Mailbird is an email client which is compatible with multiple versions of Windows.

Mailbird is an email client which is compatible with multiple versions of Windows.  It has an easily configurable interface and can sync with multiple email accounts.

Further, it allows you to open emails from multiple accounts in the same inbox window. The free version is restricted in the number of email accounts you can add but is still a decent use for most purposes.

If necessary, you always have the option to buy the Pro version.

Advanced System Care 11

This freemium optimization tool allows you to clean up your PC and boost its performance. With multiple features available in both the free and paid versions, you can download the one best suited to your requirement.

So, that’s our list of some amazing shareware you can download. Be sure to let us know of any software you would like to add to our list.

Freeware! A Driving School With an Interesting Graduating Class

We review the freeware videos of website called Fake Instructor – the place where all the students are going to pass the exam of driving, physically.

People typically are not even going to notice the other people in their driving school classrooms. They are just interested in getting out of there as quickly as possible. Driving school is tough and boring for a lot of people. In the case of people who are there following a traffic violation, driving school is just an annoying obstacle. In the case of the people who are getting their licenses for the first time, driving school is just another class to get through quickly. The students are usually just the proverbial extras in the scene.

With the Fake Driving School, the focus is on the students and the teachers. The students do not fade into the background here. In something like this, it is all about the students and their performance. However, their performance is not an academic one. People are specifically interested in whether the students can properly engage with them in the context of this erotica website.

A Different Way of Looking at Things

This is getting the license, the fastest way possible. Not always according to the rules! 😉
It’s episode of FakeDrivingSchool with Stella Cox

The Fake Driving School has no resemblance to the real deal, of course. Moral problems aside, people never even really see what is going on with the other students in driving school. They might see their fellow students in their classrooms, of course. They might occasionally listen to some of their other students answer questions in class, which is rarely erotic, unless people are really turned on by displays of intelligence.

However, watching other people in the car with the teachers is different. People never really get the opportunity to do this. Whatever it is that goes on behind the closed car doors with the teachers is the business of the teachers and the students. Obviously, for the most part, the students are getting the same driving lessons as everyone else and if people could watch from a distance, they would be bored.

Seducing the instructors, all the time, so it seems!

However, in the context of a Fake Driving School, people can get this sort of voyeurism and a pay-off at the same time. They can feel as if they are getting a look into the Fake Driving School. They can imagine that they have caught the students and the teachers in the act of intercourse or some other sex act. There are certainly plenty of different combinations of students and teachers on display at the Fake Driving School. People should be able to find some scenes that they really like.

A New Glimpse

People who would never spy on anyone can feel as if they have done so without consequences in the context of a fictional erotica setting like a Fake Driving School. They can imagine that there is a secret world of erotica right outside of their window, even if they never would have imagined that it was in place previously. Something as innocent as driving school can take on a whole new meaning in the context of porn and erotica here, and that is part of the appeal of a Fake Driving School for so many people.

Online Sources to Download Free Sharewares

Since the term sharewares refers to the trial software, one may download them from the internet on some specific website and then use it form some specified period of time. When you install and shareware, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the use of shareware software and then you have your desired shareware just before you on the computer / source machine screen. However, you may have certain questions in your mind like how to download the desired shareware(s) from the online sources and how to find the reliable online sources. These questions are very common to the new users and we are here to guide them so that they are not cheated or avoid visiting the fraudulent websites.

These websites contains free shareware(s) for the users so that they can have an advanced version of their desired software with all basic functions upto the specified period of time. However, many websites also offer the paid downloads without any period limitations and they are usable for complete life;


This website is a wonderful platform for the free shareware searchers and you may get a vast variety of free shareware at the single place. The website contains shareware for all types of the operating systems like the Windows, Mac, Linux and then Freeware. Click on the freeware button. It provides a list of genres at its left side of the page and you can select the favorite or required genre and it will explore the list of shareware under that specific genre like the Downloaders, Videos, Converters, Recovery, Music, Security, Sftp, Ftp Servers, PDF, Gaming, etc.

If you are confused in selection, this website also gives opportunity to write and search in the search bar. It will explore you all the matching shareware.


This website is another marvelous platform to download best freeware and many other software. You can find freeware related to music, security, recovery, photo editing, gaming and so many other interesting genres. You can download for both your personal computers and for the Android mobiles as well.


The majorgeek is all about the computer lovers and they will find all the trendy shareware and freeware at this single platform. The website also contains a side bar showing most downloads since time. It also gives an idea to the users to decide which shareware to be installed according to their needs i.e. computer skins, browsers, games, driver updaters, recovery, multimedia, internet tools, security tools, etc. So, there is lot to explore in it.


This website is of the similar nature as above listed sites but this may ask you for registration online before you could download the shareware. However, the login process is yet so simple that it will consume only few seconds of you. It offers shareware into categories like business, communication, office, security, music, etc.

Thus, you have plenty of reliable websites online to find out your required shareware to cover needs. Once you have used the trial, it is time to decide whether to purchase it or not.