Do you also provide shareware(s) for my Apple System?

Yes, we provide a number of shareware(s) for the Apple Systems. You can easily download them and install to have fun. However, our website provides a complete variety of the shareware(s) which can be used on any computer system like the Mac computers, Windows, etc.

You can choose the computer operating system from top-right side and by clicking, you will find out the concerned compatible shareware(s) and these are too available in all genres under all operating system heads.

Do you offer free and paid both versions?

Yes, we are providers of both, the free / trial versions and the paid versions. The free versions are provided to encourage users to enjoy their favorite shareware(s) without any cost and able to decide to purchase the full / paid versions. Once you pick your favorite shareware(s), you will find both options like (i) download free / trial version or (ii) paid version.

Can we make payment through our credit card and is it safe?

We are one of the most reliable and trusted shareware developers and you can have view to the reviews from our valuable clients. They are from all parts of the societies and worldwide like the educational institutions, researchers, music lovers, mixers, etc.

We encourage you to feel free to contact us before going through the process of online payments. Our online experts will guide you. We also have most protected system and is being monitored by best security providers. Feel free to enter your particulars, as they are in safe hands and never leaked to the third party.

How we can contact in case of any issue or after-sale problems?

We are best shareware providers and these are tested before going commercial. However, we are also available 24 hours and 7 days in a weak to help / support our customers as they are our assets.

In case, you find any technical issue regarding how to use or renew registration, etc, we encourage you to just leave us an email. Our online experts will contact you within the 12 hours after submission of your email or you can also visit our business site.

Do you provide services to the International users?

We are the worldwide project and our service centers are also available in most of the international countries. You can visit to the business site page to see our address in your country. However, it does not matter whether in which country you belong to. We ensure our quality services to clients from all around the globe and within the reasonable cost structures.

Do you provide shareware(s) for mobiles?

We have complete range of shareware(s) in all genres not only for the personal computers but for the laptops, tabs and mobiles. Our shareware(s) are of great quality and they take limited space to install. However, they also take limited tie to install and with easy instructions to be followed.