Trending Shareware Software And Why You Should Have It

Shareware is a type of software that is offered free of charge and promoted by way of sharing with each other. However, unlike freeware, all the features of the software are not given free and require a paid shareware license to get access. Most software which have a significant user base and a popularity, offer a shareware version for users and keep on sending periodical notifications to upgrade to a paid version. This is different from a trial version of a software as there is no time limit for the free usage.

Upcoming Freeware Release – Growl Boyz

Growl Boyz - Becoming Supernatural
Growl Boyz – Becoming Supernatural

The adult series dedicated to gay users is going in its final stages of development. Growl Boyz is all about ancient cult living in today’s society. Furry, masked guys having sex with each other in order to become supernatural. Can such magic happen these days? We are about to find out! Watch this name for some free footage!

Update: Not going to happen guys. Growl Boyz is being replaced by re-branded version of Mormon Boyz called Missionary Boys now. There is nothing to be angry about, though, because Missionary Boys shows the ultra real fantasy of missionary boys becoming corrupted homosexuals. Thanks to the secret cult called The Order and their depraving actions and procedures. Their place is where all Mormon gay boys go to explore level of their gayness.

Missionary Boys - Gay
Missionary Boys – Gay

Shareware are very popular among computer users as it gives them the opportunity to try the software out for a reasonable period of time without having to pay. This is also a great way for software companies to build awareness about the software and make it popular.

There are a number of recognizable shareware types depending on their functionality. These include; Freemium, Adware, Nagware, Demoware, and Donation ware.

Freemium is the typical shareware which behaves as the definition says. CCleaner and SEMrush are two popular freemium software out there in the market which offer significant benefits to their users for free. However, to get the best outcome of these software, you need to ultimately go for a paid subscription.

Adware or Advertising supported Software refers to free software that includes adverts to generate income for the developer. AltNet, Claria, and CoolWWW are the popular Adware that is in use at present. More often, malware detecting programs and antivirus programs categorize these adware as potentially unwanted software which is not true always.

Nagware is a term used to refer to software which literally annoys users to commit to a paid subscription. This is more of a colloquial term rather than a technical one. WinZip, Spotify, mIRC, and AVG are some popular nagware.

Demoware is another term used to refer to shareware, but these software are mainly aimed at testing rather than promoting the software itself.

Donation ware are software that are free, but require a donation from the user in order to unlock all the features.

These software are very useful for the average users who are starting out in their respective industries or fields and for individuals who are self-employed and running small businesses. At the early stages of most of these people’s journey, it is difficult for them to afford to commit for paid subscriptions. Therefore, shareware becomes the go to option to benefit from the features that the software offers until you become stable enough to afford them.