Best Shareware of All the Times

The shareware have grabbed attention of millions of people who love to use their computers and mobiles in a very meaningful manner. The simple use of your PCs and mobile phones will make you bore in a very limited period of time but the shareware will allow you to use them for fun. However, you can find the best shareware from the internet and download to install for free or paid basis. The free versions will allow you to use them on trial basis for a specific period of time and them they may ask you to purchase the fully licensed versions or the premium versions. The free trial versions also allow you to access limited functions of the concerned shareware.

Here we have a list of ten best shareware of all time;

The Video & TV Cast:

This is among the best online TV browsing shareware for the mobile phones, mostly used in but you have also option to use them on your personal computers. You can watch hundreds of online TV channels with the support of internet connection. The paid version will allow you to have full access to the TV channels and other interesting functions of this shareware. So, download it today and have fun on your mobile phones and PCs.

Crazy Laser Pointer:

This mobile application shareware will convert your flash light into laser beam of various colors. If you open a music file, this beam will be converted into several colors and will blink according to the music / sound beats. You can adjust the color schemes and number of colors to be used by switching OFF and ON the buttons on this application shareware.

Quotlr Daily Quotes and Sayings:

This mobile shareware will help you to have daily best quotes of wisdom, romance and life on your mobile and personal computer screen. It is very easy to download and install. With the support of internet connection, this shareware is updatable as well. Now, it is time to impress your friends and family members sending them these beautiful quotes on daily basis.

PC Cleaner:

This wonderful shareware is able to keep all the temporary files and irrelevant files into the waste from computer memory. This application is meant to provide computers with more space and they don’t get heavy as all the temporary files are deleted permanently. Many temporary files are the result of irregular and unorganized mechanism of backup, which makes computers very slow.

Dash Legends Multiplayer Race:

You can install this gaming shareware on your mobile phone and enjoy the fun of the legends. The game is made so interesting and easy that it can be played by all the age groups. You will enjoy the backgrounds, music and other features. It is also a multiplayer game and you have opportunity to race or compete with many best players in the world.

So, never be late and install your favorite shareware today.

Top Trendy Shareware

Trends in the IT industry never go down and they also never be same at all the times. There are many game lovers in the societies, music lovers, photo editors, security concerns, and much more. However, these trends are tracked by the successful firms and they convert them into the reality. You can see many shareware available on the internet, which were once just in our imaginations. Here we have a list of top eight trendy shareware which will wonder your imaginations;

(1) System Cleaner:

The System Cleaner tool will put all the irrelevant material from your drives and mostly these are the hidden files which the users would never come to know about their existence. However, this shareware clean the drives and bring them with new space available to store new data and files. It has ability to track different 100 files extensions and remove them after your confirmation.

(2) Total Privacy:

You would like to keep your tacks clean from reach of the others. This internet tool will remove all your tracks from your internet browsers by removing the caches, cookies and history files. Nobody will come to know whether which website you recently visited or ever before. So be confident with this wonderful small tool and keep your privacy on the top.

(3) MP3 Speed Changer:

You may find many online songs, videos, etc with slow or very fast background sounds like the dialogues. This tool is going to help you to adjust the sounds and you can listen to your favorite tracks in your own style. It is available mostly on the internet on 30-days trial basis and paid, both.

(4) DiskDigger:

Are you worried that you have deleted the important file from your external hard disk like the USB disk and you are in the need of it. Then, the Diskdigger is the best tool for you. This tool has capacity to scan the external devices like the USB disks and bring you the deleted files. So, never be thinking what you have done, when you have Diskdigger with you.

(5) WinRAR:

This is small yet a powerful tool to compress your larger files into much smaller form, making no change into the formatting of the original files. You can compress the larger files and can send them online. The giant email applications like the and Gmail may not allow you to send one mail more than 10 to 25 MB data. But, the WinRAR has capacity to take opportunity to compress larger files in seconds and you are able to send them through email easily.

(6) Drive SnapShot:

This tool will help you to keep complete backup of your data and you can recover it as and when required. This tool will not take heavy space on your disk and will keep the backup in compressed form.

(7) EarthTime:

If you are a businessman and have business of imports and exports, or likewise, then this tool is going to help you a lot. You can install it on your desktop and can watch the exact time of all countries in the world. The earth time will run world times according to the time clock on your PC or mobile.

(8) PDFill PDF Editor:

This shareware will allow you to edit, save and create new PDF files even when you have no Acrobat Reader software. The researchers and students like to keep their files in the PDF file system so that they are never hacked or corrupt.

Top Shareware(s) for the PCs

The shareware software(s) have been made to provide computer users with advantage to fulfill their software needs in many ways like the shareware(s) may be related to the photography, drivers, programs, games, printing, security purpose, editing, etc. There are a number of genres for the shareware(s) and with the passage of time, we are having many new shareware(s) before us which were once just in our imaginations and did not ever exist.

Here we have a list of top shareware software which you must download for your personal computers and enjoy the computer with many additional facilities. The shareware(s) are also used to enhance the working capacity of the personal computers and laptops. They are the source to fulfill the lacking in the computer built-in software(s) and also other software(s) you might have installed from CD or online source.

“AVG Internet Security” Shareware:

The AVG Internet Security is the complete system you really require to protect your personal computers from any of the possible attacks from the internet. This shareware is able to protect and stop many online websites to not to download or install any hidden software or virus in your computer while you visit such websites. There are many websites, which may install malwares on your computer disk without your permission and you also does not know but they AVG Internet Security is here to protect the users from such mal-functions.

“Mixcraft-7” Shareware:

Do you like the music and music is your life? Then Mixcraft-7 is the best shareware for you in this modern age. It is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit capacities. You can play your favorite music with the mixer in your own style and pitch. You can change the sounds, add sounds, add music and other instruments, etc. It is very easy to be used as well.

“Smart Driver Updater” Shareware:

With the new Smart Driver Updater, your drivers will always remain updated and computer is performing with full capacity and efficiently. This shareware helps users to keep updating their sharewares. You can also scan your Personal Computer with this shareware when you feel that your computer is not responding as it should or there may be some other technical problem you are unable to detect but this shareware is here to facilitate your worries in all ways. So get it now and be updated.

“Hotspot Shield” Shareware:

The Hotspot shareware comes with another variety to protect your computer from the reach of hackers, spammers and any other online intruders. This software will help you to get access to such websites which are banned by your governments by adding the VPNs. So, get it now and enjoy the websites you may like to visit.

“Adobe Dreamweaver” Shareware:

There are many versions of this wonderful software(s) and even the Adobe Photoshop as well. These shareware will guide you to design the photos and online pictures and designing the websites. Now designing the websites is not a difficult task with such shareware(s).