Shareware for Mobiles

The shareware(s) are not limited to be used on your personal computers but they can be downloaded and installed on your Android mobile phones. The Android mobile phones are very common availability in the present age and they are in access to majority of the world population. It also allows users to use fastest internet facilities and availability of sufficient space to download and use many shareware(s) to use the Android mobiles like their personal computers. These may also be known as “movable computers” and you can take them with you anywhere even in your pockets. The common examples may be photography shareware(s), sound mixers, social media applications, security, emails, drivers updaters, downloaders, etc. The best five websites are given below from where you can download your favorite shareware(s) directly into your mobile phones;

TubeMate YouTube Downloader:

This mobile shareware or tool will help you to download the favorite videos from YouTube in any format. You can also extract the MP3 sound from the video. It will also take less space as video is not downloading; only sound is being downloaded. This shareware is a must install no-a-days as the music lovers have increased and to listen more variety of songs during leisure.

Mega LED Flashlight:

If you don’t have a flash light in your Android mobile phone but have LED flash light that operates with the camera of your mobile, then, install this wonderful application. It will convert your camera LED into the LED Flash light (search light). You can ON it and OFF it, whenever you need. You can also select the color of the light. It is even more interesting feature for the users.

Magnetic GPS Compass:

Don’t worry when you are on picnic with your friends and the area is totally unknown to you. You just need to install this wonderful shareware application into your mobile and be updated about the tracks. You will never forget from where you came and where you are to move ahead. This is a helping tool for the tourists.

At number four, we have an amazing website platform that contains hundreds of mobile shareware and freeware, according to the compatibility of the various mobile phone sets. Like, it has a list of shareware and freeware compatible for various mobile sets of Nokia, Samsung, etc. You can select the mobile company and then your model before picking the desired download. It is simply the wonderful creativity.

Free Humming Bird Live Wallpapers:

You might have listened about the static wallpapers only but this wonderful mobile shareware is here to give you a new experience of live wallpapers. You can see the humming bird flying and moving from here to there. You will be amazed to see this creative art and going to like it. You can directly download them on your mobile phone through the Google store.

There is still much to explore the mobile shareware and these are going to take your breath away. So make your mobiles an interesting machine today after installing these wonderful shareware.