History of the Shareware and their Current Usage on Computers and Mobiles

The two men invented the shareware for the first time in history i.e. Mr. Jim Button and Mr. Andrew Fluegleman. Their master-pieces are “PC-File” and “PC-Talk”, respectively and it was done during the early 1980s when the computers were just gone commercial and smaller in size as compared to the previous larger models consuming a complete portion of a house to be fit-in. However, these two authors also invented the first method to share the shareware to other users; however, they conditionalized this procedure with the payment of $20 USD for each transfer / share transaction. It also brought them huge money so that they had enough money to develop larger software(s).

Later, the Andrew Flugeman had trademarked his invention into “Freeware” and this word could not be used by other manufacturers or users. Therefore, many local magazines also took part to find out new names for these software, which was then termed as “shareware”. Though, this term was being used by another software developer, “Bob Wallace”, but fortunately, it was not trademarked. Therefore, this term is being used since then and got huge popularity throughout the world. Mr. Bob Wallace created his shareware “PC-Write”.

The two authors, Jim Button and Bob Wallace, made huge progress and successful development of a high quality business shareware but the Andrew Fluegleman had made a major mistake that he sold out the source code to other users as well. This was his huge mistake and soon there were larger edited / altered shareware in the market. He lost control over his creativity and other people produced even more improved shareware. Besides this fact, he shall be known as “father” of shareware industry.

Sources of Shareware:

Today we see thousands of shareware and these are available on hundreds of online websites. These may be available on free trial basis or paid basis. The free trial is to ensure you liked the software and now you are ready tp purchase the paid version. The free trial versions are for limited period of time usage policy and do not show full functions. When you are satisfied that it is going to cover your needs, you can place the paid order. You can also find them in bulk from the nearby CD house or IT centers.


Free Trial & Paid Versions:

The shareware are available on paid and free trial basis for comfort of the users. The paid versions will allow them to use them with full options and in more quality manner.

Little Space for Installation:

The shareware take very little space in your Hard Disk or mobile card / memory. Therefore, these are easy to be installed.

Easy to Install:

The instructions are also provided (built-in), so that users will learn their usage in a very little time.

Get Modified Shareware:

Once you are satisfied with the trial version, you can purchase it for full version. If not satisfied or require some modifications according to your needs, you have option to contact that concerned firm. They will bring you the modified shareware against some reasonable “shareware development” charges. The delivery charges may be separate from the development charges.

Usable for PCs and Mobiles:

You can use them on your all operating systems in your PCs and even Mobiles. So make your systems more fun.

We are the professional shareware developers and we understand the needs of our users. We have a structure of a complete and professional team who are busy in developing the creative shareware(s) for both the computer and mobile phone users.

Shareware for Mobiles

The shareware(s) are not limited to be used on your personal computers but they can be downloaded and installed on your Android mobile phones. The Android mobile phones are very common availability in the present age and they are in access to majority of the world population. It also allows users to use fastest internet facilities and availability of sufficient space to download and use many shareware(s) to use the Android mobiles like their personal computers. These may also be known as “movable computers” and you can take them with you anywhere even in your pockets. The common examples may be photography shareware(s), sound mixers, social media applications, security, emails, drivers updaters, downloaders, etc. The best five websites are given below from where you can download your favorite shareware(s) directly into your mobile phones;

TubeMate YouTube Downloader:

This mobile shareware or tool will help you to download the favorite videos from YouTube in any format. You can also extract the MP3 sound from the video. It will also take less space as video is not downloading; only sound is being downloaded. This shareware is a must install no-a-days as the music lovers have increased and to listen more variety of songs during leisure.

Mega LED Flashlight:

If you don’t have a flash light in your Android mobile phone but have LED flash light that operates with the camera of your mobile, then, install this wonderful application. It will convert your camera LED into the LED Flash light (search light). You can ON it and OFF it, whenever you need. You can also select the color of the light. It is even more interesting feature for the users.

Magnetic GPS Compass:

Don’t worry when you are on picnic with your friends and the area is totally unknown to you. You just need to install this wonderful shareware application into your mobile and be updated about the tracks. You will never forget from where you came and where you are to move ahead. This is a helping tool for the tourists.


At number four, we have an amazing website platform that contains hundreds of mobile shareware and freeware, according to the compatibility of the various mobile phone sets. Like, it has a list of shareware and freeware compatible for various mobile sets of Nokia, Samsung, etc. You can select the mobile company and then your model before picking the desired download. It is simply the wonderful creativity.

Free Humming Bird Live Wallpapers:

You might have listened about the static wallpapers only but this wonderful mobile shareware is here to give you a new experience of live wallpapers. You can see the humming bird flying and moving from here to there. You will be amazed to see this creative art and going to like it. You can directly download them on your mobile phone through the Google store.

There is still much to explore the mobile shareware and these are going to take your breath away. So make your mobiles an interesting machine today after installing these wonderful shareware.

We are the professional shareware developers and we understand the needs of our users. We have a structure of a complete and professional team who are busy in developing the creative shareware(s) for both the computer and mobile phone users.

Three Online Sources to Purchase Shareware Software(s)

The shareware software(s) are generally free of the cost and they do not contain many functions which you may find in the paid or the premium versions. These software(s) are free to download and easily available in the internet sources like the shareware specialized websites. You can visit the websites and then search the desired shareware by simple visiting the list of the download(s) or by searching into the search bar. Once you put the name of the desired shareware in the search bar, the screen will show you the list of all shareware software, if available, with the matching name you have typed. However, these software(s) may be downloaded on the both free and paid basis.

Here we have the list of top five websites from where you can get your desired shareware by making payments through the online payment sources like the credit card, debit card, etc.

(1) Download.com:

This website may be known as “Mother” of all software and shareware. You are going to have bundle of varieties even of the same genre like the music, security, browsers, business, emails, videos, desktop tools, internet tools, security tools, drivers, educational shareware, games, etc. You can also download them for free and paid versions as well. The website will ask you to download for free or to purchase the licensed versions. The free versions may not be fully functional and are for limited period of time. The licensed are for lifetime with full functions. The payment method is also so easy and it is considered amongst the top reliable websites.

(2) Downloads.zdnet.com:

This amazing website will allow you to find out hundreds of shareware and software relevant to Microsoft operating system, Mac, Android, etc. You can click on the “Purchase” button on the top left side of the website and then a page will pop-up to show you the price-wise list of shareware. You can select the best you want and put the purchase order. It may ask your banking credentials and after confirmation of the order, you will get it within the stipulated period of the time. International deliveries may take extra time and extra money according to terms & conditions.

(3) Tucows.com:

This website is a wonderful platform for the free shareware searchers and you may get a vast variety of free and paid shareware at the single place. The website covers shareware for all types of the operating systems like the Windows, Mac, Linux and then Freeware. Click on the freeware button. It provides a list of genres at its left side of the page and you can select the favorite or required genre and it will explore the list of shareware under that specific genre like the Downloaders, Videos, Converters, Recovery, Music, Security, Sftp, Ftp Servers, PDF, Gaming, etc.

It is suggested to take guide from the friends and other experts in your surroundings who have experienced in purchasing online shareware. It will help you to take decision whether to purchase from which platform. Never hesitate but never be so hurry as well.

We are the professional shareware developers and we understand the needs of our users. We have a structure of a complete and professional team who are busy in developing the creative shareware(s) for both the computer and mobile phone users.

Importance of Sharewares

The term shareware was first used during the year 1980s by the Bob Wallace”, who created the word processing software. The simple concept of sharewares is that they are available or provided to the users on free basis for a limited period of time. The users may use them and understand them during this stint of time. However, the main problem may users face include the major options of such sharewares are not available in the free mode.

We can further see the advantages of such shareware into their types as below;

Adware Shareware:

These shareware are used to deliver the short advertisements for your goods and services like you can first observe which site is the most visited site and then can place your add with the help of adware shareware. It shows small clips regarding to your products and services like many on the youtube and even on your personal web.

Demo Ware:

The Demo ware software has two types and advantages as well like in the first type (i) Cripple ware: The software or the online demo is not savable until to purchase the shareware. Whereas in its second type (ii) Trial ware: The software is downloadable but with limited functions and for a limited period of time. After expiry of the trial period, it will ask you to purchase for further use.

Nag Ware:

This type of shareware will allow you to use the shareware but randomly keep you asking to purchase the fully licensed version as well. Till the specified time, it will reduce its functions and you might not be able to use and forced to purchase or to either uninstall. We see these shareware in many types of security genres like the AVG Internet security, Kaspersky, Avast, etc.

Donation Ware:

This type of shareware will put your add on various websites to let people know about your charity collection mission. People can contact you and come directly to your website once they click the donation ware link. It allows many charity and donation providing firms to contact the deserving NGOs and to benefit the right people who are poor in majority.

Free Trials Allow Users to Decide Purchase:

The shareware are also software but very limited functions they allow the users to use and for a limited period of time as well. The direct purchase of such shareware may be ignored by majority of the internet users and they would never ever try to go for direct purchase. The provision of free trial versions is the best policy in the shareware industry. The users come to know the functioning of the shareware and also wheter they are able to cover needs of the users or not.

Manufacturing on Orders:

In addition, there are many IT companies which you can search online which are busy I manufacturing shareware according to the orders of the users against reasonable payments. However, they may charge additional payment for international users. The shareware are generally provided in the USB or CDs.

We are the professional shareware developers and we understand the needs of our users. We have a structure of a complete and professional team who are busy in developing the creative shareware(s) for both the computer and mobile phone users.